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09 /17 2012
Q. I've changed my email address. How do I change my FC2ID settings to reflect this?
A. Login to FC2 with your old address. Then click the "Edit FC2ID" button on the left sidebar menu. You can change it from there.

Q. How do I change my Blog's name, introduction or profile?
A. From your Blog Management Screen click,
[Settings]> [User Info Settings] :Blog's name and introduction
[Settings]> [Profile] : Profile

Q.I want to change my account.
A. Unfortunately you cannot change your account once it is set. Please try re-registering.

Q. Can I change my Blog URL?
A. You can't change your Blog URL. Instead you can setup a new FC2ID, create a new blog and transfer data across. (Import logs / Backing Up Entries, etc.)

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