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10 /27 2011
Q. How do I write a blog entry?
A. Login to your blog. On the left side of the page there should be a button "Write a Blog Entry". Once you have written your blog entry, don't forget to save it.

Q. How do I link to other sites from my blog?
A. When you want to create a link, click the "URL" button above the text area. Enter in the required information. You will need to copy the URL of the site you want to link to.

Q. How do I upload images?
A. Click on the image icon 2011-10-27_1205_imagebutton.png and upload an image from your computer to the file folder. Once the image has been uploaded to your blog account, you can attach it to your blog by clicking the "Post image" (or thumbnail) button.

Q. How do I keep one of my entries at the top of my blog?
A. Because the most recent blog is posted at the top, an easy way to keep a specific blog at the top would be to change its date to some time in the future.

Q. Why can't I upload images or other files?
A. There is a limit on uploadable filesizes (2 MB per file)
Only the following file types are supported:

Q. Can I upload videos?
A. Yes you can.
You can update videos from FC2 Video using the Video button at the top of the entry text box. Upload your video to FC2 Video and then go through the necessary steps.

Q. How can I put a password on specific blog entries?
A. Please use the Restrict Blog feature. You can set it up so that only your registered Blog Friends can view your content.

Q. I can't use trackback?
A. It is possible that your trackback settings are set with a limit on trackbacks without back links.

Q. I can't view Blog Friend restricted entries?
A. After logging in, click on:
[Settings] - [Blog Settings] - [History Settings]
Change the settings to turn on "Leave a visitor list when you visit other Blogs?". If you still are having trouble make sure your browser's cookies are enabled.

Q. Why don't my new entries appear in the rankings?
A. Adult sites and a number of sites that FC2 deems inappropriate may not be displayed.
Also, updates occur every 180 seconds. If the number of entries that can be processed in that 180 second period is 200, and there are 210 blog entries, then 10 of those will be shuffled down the line and may not appear for a while.
**Note: Your blog entry will not display if you are in Private Mode.

Q. I want my entries to display the correct time
A. If you are having trouble with time zones click on [Settings] - [User info Settings] and adjust your time zone.

Q. I want to upload files from my smartphones/tablets.
A. Sorry, file uploads from smartphones are not supported. Please use FC2 Blog App, and you can upload files from the app

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