10 /27 2011
Q. How do I set it so only certain people can view my blog?
A. Set your blog to "Private" from the blog settings area.
[Settings] > [Blog Settings]

Q. How can I change the order of entries?
A. You can change the order of your entries from [Settings] > [Blog Settings].

Q. Can I reject comments or trackback?
A. You can edit the settings from [Settings] > [Blog Settings], and make comments and trackbacks dependent on your approval.
You can also change the settings for individual entries' at the bottom of the entry page.

Q. How do I stop specific people from viewing my blog?
A. [Settings] > [Blog Settings] > [Restriction Settings] - [Reject IP] and add the IP addresses of anyone you don't want to view your blog.

**Note: IP addresses can be changed. Rejecting IP addresses is not a fool-proof way to block someone.

Q. I changed my blog to private mode but it doesn't ask me for a password?
A. Once you've entered in your password once, your cookies will remember the password and you won't need to re-enter them a second time. If you want to manually remove your password put a ?logout at the end of your URL.
e.g. http://staffen.blog.fc2.com/?logout

*Note: A password will not be required to view your blog while logged into the blog management page. If you want to verify that your blog has successfully turned to private mode, please log out and then try to view your blog.

Q. I'm not receiving notifications via email about comments, trackbacks, friend requests etc.?
A. There's a possibility that the notifications are going to your spam folders. Please try changing your email settings to allow notifications to go through.

Q. I can't click on the link in the left side menu in the management page.
A. In such cases the add-on function installed in your browser may be the cause. Please disable the add-ons and confirm that you can click such links.

Internet Explorer
Tools > Manage Add ons

Tools > Add ons

Google Chrome
Settings > Extensions

Q. I cannot group my past tweets with the tweet function.
A. There are limits on how many past tests can be collected due to Twitter API specifications.
There are cases where not all past Tweets will be collected. There are cases where Tweets may be blocked when you use functions to collect long term or short term tweets only.

We suggest that you try the following,
-Set search parameters so that tweets up to 2 weeks ago are collected and repeat the collection.
-Try to collect tweets at regular intervals (15 mins, 1 hour, etc.)

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