Display Problems

10 /28 2011
Q. Why is my blog's sidebar (or entry) is appearing at the bottom?
A. If you paste an object into your sidebar or entry page which is wider than the allotted width of the bar, it may cause your sidebar or entry page to appear in a different area than it should. Fix this by either removing the newly placed object or adjusting it's width.

Q. Why doesn't my banner display?
A. Depending on your security software settings your banner may be set not to display. Please check your security software's settings.

Q. Why do images show up really large?
A. Some pictures (especially those from digital cameras) can be very large. In that case, paste a thumbnail or otherwise reduce the size of your image (Use FC2's Resizing Tool)

Q. My text has become bold or is a strange color?
A. It's possible that something in your blog's HTML may be incorrect, especially directly before the affected text.

Q. Why does my blog display even though I'm in Private Mode?
A. Your browser should remember you after you've entered in your password once. If you delete your cookies you shouldn't be able to enter in anymore.

Q. The image I pasted in my blog has disappeared?
A. If you delete any uploaded files, they will disappear from your blog.

Q. I accidentally deleted a comment or blog entry?
A. We're sorry, but once data has been deleted it cannot be restored.

Q. My blog screen is completely white?
A. This may occur after editing a plugin's HTML. Try returning the plugin back the way it was before or delete the plugin itself.

Q. The images I pasted on my blog don't appear on other sites?
A. This is to prevent FC2 Blog being used as a image hosting site.

Q. I deleted a file and then re-uploaded a different image in its place, but something seems odd?
A. Your browser may have old information on it. Please consult our manual here to find out how to clear cache on your broweser

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