Album Functions & Settings

Album Settings
05 /02 2012

Set a Twitter or Facebook Button on your Album

A button will be set for your album which will allow you to link your album with Facebook and/or Twitter.
*These buttons will be set as default.

SNS Button Settings

First go to Album Management > Click on Edit > Then click on the little arrow in the "Share" row to open the window for SNS settings.

SNS buttons

Here you can choose whether to have buttons for Facebook or Twitter. You can also set the level of privacy by clicking on the drop down menu for Privacy Settings.

Button Display

album set1

Set Links for Images in Entries

You can adjust the settings of an image in an entry so that it links to your album or links to the original image.

How to Link Images

Go to Settings > Blog Settings > Post Settings > Then find the Image Link pull down menu.

link image

Settings and Details

Link to the Album PageThe images posted on your blog will link to your Album Page.
Also Link to the Original ImageThe images on your blog will link to the original image.
Only Insert ImageOnly the image link will be entered. (The image will not be displayed in a new window/tab when clicked.)

Image Link Tags

Images linked to an album

<a href="<span style="color:#FF0000">http://(BLOGID).blog.fc2.com/img/(File Name)/</span>"gt;

<img src="http://blog-imgs-(number).fc2.com/*/*/*/(BlogID)/(Thumbnail File Name)" alt="" align="" border=""/></a>

Inserted images linked to original image

<a href="<span style="color:#FF0000">http://blog-imgs-(number).fc2.com/*/*/*/(Blog ID)/(File Name)</span>">

<img src="http://blog-imgs-(number).fc2.com/*/*/*/(Blog ID)/(Thumbnail File name)"alt=""align=""border=""/></a>

Default Album Setting: Add or Don't Add to Album

Here you can choose the default setting for whether multiple uploads will be added to an album or not.


Go to Settings > Blog Settings > Post Settings then go to the pull down for Album. Once you have chosen, click on Update.

album setting 22

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