Commercial Use & Affiliates

08 /18 2014
Q. Can I use my blog for commercial purposes or in an affiliate system?
A. Yes. You can use your blog for both.

Q. How do I add an affiliate blog?
A. Please register it on a site that runs an affiliate program.

Q. How and where can I post advertisements and banners for my affiliate blogs?
A. You can paste links or advertisements anywhere you want on an FC2 blog.
One area that we recommend are plugins. After you have created your FC2 Blog, click on the "Plugins" button under "Settings", add a "Free Area" plugin and paste the affiliate advertisement or link into the free HTML area.

Q. I did everything right, so why won't the banners or advertisements show?
A. One reason may be that your security software has an ad blocking function. We suggest that you try turning off the ad-block function to see whether your advertisements and banners will show up.

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