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08 /18 2014
Q. How can I change my template?
A.Please go to Settings > Template and download and apply your template. Click here (link to come)

Q. What is a user template?
A. A user template is a template that has been made and designed by one of our users. Users can upload their own templates and issue them to users once they are registered.
*Please forward your questions to the maker of the user template if any issues arise from using one.

Q. I keep getting the message ERROR: Template file could not be read
A.If the template is not displaying correctly, please download again and try it with the initial template settings.
*Users are responsible for their own edited templates.

Q. Can I edit a template?
A. Yes you can. Please refer to Editing Templates to see how you can edit a template.
*Users are responsible for their own edited templates. We cannot give you any more support other than providing the very basics of customizing.

Q. What is a plugin?
A. These are mainly the little functions and tools that are in the side bar of your blog. There are plug-ins for pets, chat, weather forecasts, FC2 plugins, etc.
What are plugins? (Link to come)

Q. I don't know where to go to add a free area.
A. Go to Settings > Plugin Settings > Extended Plugins and add "Free Area", then add the code from the blog parts distributor.

Q. The template isn't displaying correctly even though I haven't edited it.
A. The following are the most likely causes.

-The HTML for the posted article is incomplete.
If the HTML is incomplete or imperfect, brackets such as <div> and <span> are not closed properly then the template may not display correctly. We ask that you either first draft your post or review the HTML for your post.

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