08 /18 2014
Q. I want to edit my blog using XML - RPC.
A. The end point URL to use XML- RPC can be found here.
We kindly ask that users search for posting software on their own.

Q. Where can I find notices for administrators regarding information on maintenance and faults?
A. Information on maintenance and faults etc. for administrators can be found here.
*You can check any notice from the [Notices] tab in in the top menu of the blog control panel.

Q. I want to move information over from another blog.
You can move your logs over if the logs on your other blog can be exported in the same format as FC2 logs (Movable Format). FC2 Blog will absorb these logs.
Please confirm directions for moving logs by logging into the control panel and then go Tools > Import Logs.

Q. What should I do if I want my blog to appear in a search engine (Yahoo! Google etc.)? What do I do if I don't want my blog to appear?
A. Registration standards are set by each search engine and as such we cannot provide any information as to how to get your blog to appear in search results etc. There are search robots that regularly move around and list sites within search engines called "crawlers". The period that crawlers are active for differs between search engines, but the period is set and as such your site will not necessarily show up immediately.
Please keep in mind that there is every chance that a search robot has not reached your site yet.

It is possible in most cases to make a request for removal to search engines in cases where you want your blog to be removed or when your blog is still listed on a search engine after cancelling your registration.

Q. What is RSS? What is the RSS URL for my blog?
A. RSS is a format that transmits a summary of a site's articles, postings and updates. RSS makes it so that a user site can be easily seen by many people. It is mainly used to transmit information about changes and updates made. By using RSS, the sites headings are collected, which allows the simple viewing of the site's title, address, update time and name as well as headlines which are used by RSS reader software. By using RSS information, one can collect the updated information of many sites in a streamline manner.

Please add [/?xml] to your blog's URL for RSSURL.
E.g. http://staffen.blog.fc2.com/?xml

Q. How can I use Access Analysis? How can I attach the Analysis HTML tags?
A. If you have already added FC2 Access Analysis, then you can use it by going to the Blog control panel and in the top right hand corner click on FC2ID > Access Analysis.
If FC2 Access Analysis has not been registered yet, please do so here
Once you have completed FC2 Access Analysis registration, please paste the new Analysis HTML tag to your template when you edit it next.

- How to paste the tag

Q. My access statistics have suddenly stopped appearing.
A. If you have updated or changed your template, please check to see if the source for access analysis has been posted to the new template.
Click here

Q. How do I deal with malicious users?
A. For the most part we do not get involved with communications made between users. In the rare case that there is a clash between users, we ask that the parties involved take measures themselves to resolve the issue. FC2 Blog
Management will not be liable for any clashes between users or resolution methods taken.
Please leave a comment in the [Administrators Only] section in the comment column to get in touch with the administrator.

However, if it is deemed by FC2 Blog Management that actions made in violation of the User Policy, including acts that violate user privacy or personal information are performed with malicious intent, then there are disciplinary steps including the removal of accounts that may be taken. Please get in touch with FC2 Blog Management.

Q. How do I set up the access counter?
A. If you have already added the FC2 counter, then go to the top right section of the Blog control panel > FC2ID > Counter.
If you have not got the counter, then please register for it here.


Q. I want to know how many times my blog has been accessed.

A. Once you have set up the FC2 Access Analysis and FC2 Counter in your blog, you can find out your access numbers.
-FC2 Access Analysis Set up
-FC2 Counter Set up

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