Add a Ping Address

Add a Ping Address
08 /25 2014

What is Ping?

Ping is a system that notifies of and transmits site update information.
When you update your blog a notification called an Update Ping will be sent to a designated address.
The server that receives Update Pings is called a Ping Server and there are many small and large Ping Servers located both domestically and overseas.

These servers handle Update Pings from around the world and post them just like a news/information portal site.
You can send Pings for free, but first you must register for the service.

Users can expect an increase in visitors because your blog updates will be listed by transmitting Pings.

What happens to Update Ping if I am in private mode?

If your blog is in Private Mode then Pings will not be sent regardless of the address settings. This also applies to entries limited to Blog Friends (password) .

Click here for more on Private Mode: Private Mode

If you are not in private mode and don't want to send Pings or notify of updates then you must delete all addresses.

Edit Ping Addresses

Settings > Blog Settings > Ping settings.



At the very bottom of the Blog Settings page there is a box for Ping Settings. In the text area there are several default Ping address.

You can add the address here of the place you want to send your update notification to and if you delete one of the addresses Pings will not be sent there.

-Add an address

Please enter one address per line as shown in the picture below.


Once you have added an address, make sure to hit the Enter key to start a new line so as not join addresses.

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