Add FC2 Videos to your Entries

Add FC2 Videos to your Entries
08 /29 2014
We have created a tool so that you can now add videos from FC2Video to your blog entries as well as other cool features.


- Before you start uploading videos though, you must first add the FC2V ideo service using the same FC2ID registered to your blog.

Using FC2Video on your blog

Upload and Post to FC2Video

Search and post using ID

Using FC2Video on your blog

Find and click on the FC2Video icon in the tool bar above the text area.


With this window you can upload and post videos to FC2 Video as well as post videos found using an FC2ID.

Upload and Post to FC2 Video

With the Upload/Video list you can upload a video to FC2 Video then attach that some video to your blog entry. The top part of the window is for uploading and the bottom part is the uploaded file display.


To upload a video, first click on Choose a Video File and select the video that you want to upload your computer and click on Upload. Once you have uploaded it you can add a title and a description as well as select the category. The next step is to click Send, if the video appears at the bottom of the window then you have done it right.

*Video conversion may take a few minutes. The video will be displayed at the bottom of the window once conversion is complete.

Conversion will fail if the video format is not supported or if the file is corrupt.
* Supported file formats include flv, wmv, mov and 3gp, but there still may be cases when FC2 Video cannot support the file due to slight differences in the version or file status.


Add a video to your entry

Uploaded files will show in the bottom of the window with thumbnails.

*If you have set the video to Private or terminated the external reference, then the uploaded file will not be displayed. To change the settings click on Edit(to FC2 Video) in the control panel.

You can attach the video (in code) to your entry by clicking on the This Video in the Post/Edit section.


All data between will be the data attached to your entry, if you want to remove the video please remove the data between .

If you feel that one video just isn't enough, repeat the process to add even more videos!
*You cannot watch videos pasted to your blog in the real time preview.

Search and post using ID

In the Posting & Searching window you can post using a specified ID as well as using the ID to find videos on FC2 Video and paste them to your blog.


Post video using specific FC2Video ID

The image code for the specified video ID will be inserted to your entry by clicking on post after you have entered the FC2Video ID and chosen the video format.

Search for videos to post.


Search for videos registered on FC2 Video using the keyword search, you can add any of the search results to your entry.

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