Join a Community

Join a Community
10 /23 2014
A Blog Community brings participating FC2 Blog Users even closer, with a community you can interact with other users through the blog administration page. Share your hobbies, etc. and talk with your FC2 Blog friends, discuss certain topics and exchange opinions, make each other laugh and make each other think.

Anyone can see communities that are set to public, but only logged in FC2 Blog users can create topics or leave comments. You can make groups with other users you meet through blog entries because your set information such as because your blog link, handle name, etc. will be passed on.


Set up topics with varying themes within the community and make your own comments and read about what the other members think or feel.
Anyone can set up their own community and become an administrator, so why not try and make your own?.

Search for a Community to Join

Go to Community on the control panel and search for a community that you would like to join.
Using keywords makes it easier to find communities that you may be interested in..


You can also search in order of new communities, ranking (ordered by number of participants).

Community Introduction

We suggest checking the community introduction to see what topics are being discussed and what rules are involved before joining the community.


Participation Approval

Some communities require that you be approved and some communities don't require any approval to join them.
If approval is required then the participation application will not be processed until the administrator chooses to approve or deny your participation.

Privacy Level

There are only two levels of privacy for topics, "available to anyone" and "for community members only".

Topic Creation

Administrators can create topics but they can also give authority to community members to start topics if they like. However, community members can post comments on any topic.


Here you can write about your own community, rules, etc.

Community Category

here you can classify your community into categories much in the same way you can classify your blog.



This is the administrator of the community. Clicking on the administrator link will take you to the blog of the administrator.

Vice Administrator

This is a position that is appointed to a community member by the administrator. Vice administrators have the increased authority over the community including being able to delete topics.

Join/ Leave Button

Click on the Join button to enter a community, if approval is not required you will be immediately become a member. Once you have joined a community though, the join button will become a Leave button. Approval isn't required to leave a community.

New Topics

These are the latest community topics. Members can exchange opinions and discuss topics by leaving comments on each topic.

Member List

This is a list of the members, including the administrator that make up a community. Member's blog names, profile pictures and the blog administrators name. This will automatically be set in synchronization with your FC2 Blog.

Join a Community

Find a community that you would like to join and apply to become a member. Once you have become a member, interact with the other members and share your thoughts and ideas. You can leave the community at any time and you can reapply to join a community even after you have left it.
The Join/ Leave button is on the community outline page. If authorization by the administrator is not required, your application will be immediately accepted.

You can join several communities at the same time, all communities that you are involved with will be displayed in the community list. Communities that are managed by you will be indicated with a star mark.

Leaving a Community

Once you have joined a community, the join button will become a "Leave" button.

Start a Topic

If you are in a community that allows its members to create topics, then please feel free to start one. A theme is a good way for members to get together and share opinions and discuss them. If there is a similar topic in existence post a comment to it, then when you look at the Details of the topic the comments for that topic will be displayed. From this page you can post your comments.

Delete a Topic or Comment

If you are the original comment poster or topic creator them you can delete your own topic or comment. Please be aware that topics and comments will not be automatically deleted if you leave the group. Please ensure that you delete everything you need to before leaving the community.

Topics and Comments

A topic is a theme or talking point that is established within a community to which members comment on.


Community Details

The number of posts is the number of comments made on that topic.

If the topic is open to the public the content will be available to users who are not community members too.
Also members with the authority to create topics can create topics as they please.


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