What is a Blomaga®?

03 /13 2015
Blomaga is short for "Blog Magazine". Blomagas are FC2 Blog articles (or collections of articles) that can be set for specific prices and sold through FC2 Blog.

Subscribers purchase Blomagas with FC2 Points or Credit Card.
The proceeds go to the Blomaga administrator (the creator), with FC2 receiving 30% as a system fee.

In order to purchase FC2 Points, an FC2ID is required.
You can learn more about signing up for an FC2ID, and purchasing Points from the links below.

About Blomaga

Every article on your FC2 Blog can be set as either normal (free) or Blomaga (pay-to-view).
This means that it is possible to have an FC2 Blog that contains a mix of both free and pay-to-view blog articles.

There are two ways to sell Blomaga.
These two systems are "Monthly Blomagas" and "Standalone".
The Blomaga creator as the ability to set their preferred sale style from their Sales Settings.
It is also possible to sell both Monthly Blomagas and Standalone Blomaga articles, and allow the purchaser to choose which they want to purchase.

Monthly Blomagas

Monthly Blomagas are a compilation of all pay-to-view articles from a particular month.
After purchasing a Monthly Blomaga, the purchaser can continue to view these articles without restriction.

Standalone Blomagas

Standalone Blomagas are single articles with a set price.
After purchasing a Standalone Blomaga, the purchaser can continue to view the article without restriction.

*Please note, that purchasing a Blomaga for a particular blog only gives the purchaser the ability to view the particular articles they purchased the right to on that particular blog.
For example, users that purchase a Monthly Blomaga for January on Blog X, will be able to view all January pay-to-view articles on Blog X, but not Blog Y. Blog Y requires a separate purchase.

Laws relating to Online Sales

Some countries and regions require certain information to be displayed when selling merchandise over the internet. For more information, please refer to your applicable regions laws and regulations.

Blomaga creators from Japan may be subject to The Specified Commercial Transaction Act. For more information on The Specified Commercial Transaction Act and Fc2 Blogs, please click here (Japanese).

Registered Trademark

* "Blomaga" is a registered trademark of FC2, INC.

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