Blomaga Sales Settings

Blomaga Sales
03 /13 2015
Blomaga Settings can be modified from the [FC2 Blog Management Screen] >> [Settings] >> [Blog Settings] >> [Blomaga Settings]

The 3 Sales Settings

There are 3 ways that a Blomaga Creator can set to sell their content.

Sell in Monthly Blomaga Editions

By selecting this option, the creator can set a price for other users to be able to purchase Blomaga Content from an entire month in a single purchase.
This can be used in conjunction with Standalone Blomaga sales.

Discontinue Sale of Blomaga

This blocks any future sales of Blomaga articles.

Only Sell Standalone Blomaga Articles

Selecting this option will remove users' ability to purchase a Monthly Blomaga from your blog. All articles will need to be purchased individually.

Monthly Blomaga Price

This setting sets the price for users to purchase a compilation of all Blomaga articles in a month.
This price can be anywhere beween 100 and 30,000 yen.

** Please note, this price can be changed at any time, but any change will turn off the "automatic withdrawal" setting for users who are auto-subscribed to purchasing your Blomaga.

Blomaga Title

It is possible to set a name for your Blomaga.

Message to Display Before Purchase

This is a message that will be displayed before a user purchases the Blomaga.

** Users must agree to the FC2 Points Terms of Use to use this feature.
** Users must comply with all regional laws; including the The Specified Commercial Transaction Act for users in Japan.
** Please read What is a Blomaga®? for more information on Blomagas.

Issuing Blomaga Content

Every blog article can be set as Blomaga content if the creator so desires.
When creating or editing an entry, simply select the "Make this Blomaga Content" option at the bottom of the page.

Content can be switched between normal free content and pay-to-view Blomaga content at any time.

** This option may not display in FC2 Blog's Simple Mode. Please turn Simple Mode off to use this feature.
** The Blomaga creator can view all content. Please logout to confirm whether the Blomaga content is displaying to other users as you wish.

Standalone Blomaga Content

After selecting "Make this Blomaga Content", an extra settings area will display at the bottom of the page. Right at the bottom is an area that says "Also Sell as a Standalone Blomaga Article. Individual Price :"
Check this checkbox and enter a price to make this Blomaga available for individual standalone sale.

Blomaga Preamble

Blomaga Creators are able to set a preamble which will display to users who have not purchased the Blomaga. HTML tags are valid, and can be used when writing this preamble. Clicking the "Blomaga Preview" button will give the creator the ability to view their preamble without logging out.

Caution when Changing Settings or Discontinuing Blomaga Sales

Suddenly changing Blomaga Sale settings or discontinuing the sale of your Blomaga can be the cause of trouble between you and your readers/subscribers. Before making any changes, we highly recommend that you explain the reason for any change clearly on your blog.

Checking your Sales

If you sell a Blomaga, you may want to check how many sales you are making.
Luckily FC2 gives you an easy way to do this.
Simply click the "Blomaga" button under Tools in the left-hand sidemenu of the FC2 Blog Control Panel.
From this page you can check any points you have made. There is also a button to cashout your rewards once you have received 10,000 points.

**Please note, your FC2ID information will require correct address information if you wish to receive a cheque from FC2.

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